Grip my tongs tightly, We're going some place magical.
  • failnation:

    So, there’s this new dog park that just opened…

  • halloweencrafts:

    DIY Cheese Graveyard Featuring a Brie Coffin from Kathleen’s Confections. This may be just the thing for those not interested in the blood fountain, Jell-O worms, used bandaids, grilled turtles or the skin cake found

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  • My new sounds:

  • vintagecampers:


    Bowlus Road Chief via Tiny House Swoon

    You’ve prob seen these before, but they warrant a second look. I can’t imagine the price.

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  • pureblindingcolour:

    I made this for the tigress of twitter, a formidable twerp who is funny and sexy. I’m born in year of the tiger, so i made it for me too:)  but i also made it to remember what tigers look like, as they hurtle down the path to extinction :(  


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  • staff:

    Have a good weekend, Tumblr. 

    Here’s to Sunday Funday!

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  • FKA TWIGS [two weeks] from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

    painting of world by: Ignasi Monreal
    vfx/post: Gloria FX